SFL’s Charter Teams Program plants the seeds of liberty in regions without an existing student movement for liberty. The Charter Teams Program provides leadership training for student in regions such as Southeast Asia, East Asia, and the MENA region. The Students For Liberty networks in Latin America, Africa, and South Asia have all grown out of SFL's Charter Teams Program.






January 29, 2017


ISFLC is almost indescribable. Yes, it’s a student conference, but it’s so much more than that. With 55% of 2016 attendees being non-students, ISFLC has quickly become one of the liberty movement’s premier events—a place for libertarian amateurs and experts to meet and explore ideas together. This will be the 10th year that we gather students and alumni together to discuss best practices for organizing, learn about new developments in the cause of liberty, meet old and new friends, and garner the energy to go back to our homes and continue to carry on the fight for liberty. And it is going to be big.
December 6, 2016

Charter Teams March Update

Charter Teams March Update As we approach the end of the 2015-2016 academic year, Charter Teams members have been busy working to further solidify SFL’s presence.  Outreach efforts also continue in Southeast Asia, where we hope Taiwan and Japan will soon join the SFL network. In Malaysia, SFL leaders hosted their biggest event this year (and likely ever!) when they hosted Syed Saddiq.  Saddiq has become a very controversial speaker in Malaysia and has been banned from speaking at several universities after speaking out against the Malaysian Prime Minister.  His actions have triggered #SaveMalaysia movement where the youth is increasingly concerned about free speech issues, as evidenced by the large crowd that Saddiq drew for his speech on the Role of Youth in Times of Political […]
December 1, 2016

SFL Academy


Jento Chan

Charter Teams Member

Jento Chan

Charter Teams Member

Bio: Jento Chan is an economics student who has believed in the power of the free market since learning the basic principles of economics in university.  Jento took part in the Umbrella protests in 2014 and hoped that the protests would bring changes to Hong Kong.  Afterwards, however, Jento began to re-evaluate the Umbrella protests and decided that masses of Hong Kong citizens fighting for democracy would not bring a better future to Hong Kong.  He believes that most of the Umbrella protesters were fighting for bigger government, regardless of what party or ideology they aligned with.  Jento joined SFL-Hong Kong because he thinks it’s the best way to spread libertarianism to other university students and amplify the voice of pro-free market students in Hong Kong.