Students For Liberty

Students For Liberty (SFL) is an international non-profit organization working to advance the ideas of liberty on college campuses around the world. Students For Liberty has grown rapidly across the globe in less than half a decade. Passionate volunteers supported by hard working and entrepreneurial staff have allowed SFL to constantly grow and expand while keeping the organizational structures as lean as possible.

The SFL team is passionate for liberty and shares SFL’s vision of social change and the importance of making the world a freer place. SFL team members go the extra mile in order to make sure that more students around the world can benefit from our programs and resources.

Working for SFL is similar to working at a tech startup. We pride ourselves on fast growth, hard work, quick advancement to a high degree of responsibility and autonomy, embracing entrepreneurship within the organization, and a passion for the product: liberty.

SFL can offer you:

  • The opportunity to grow
  • To increase your skills and experience
  • To work with the best
  • Ownership over your role and your work
  • A challenging and dynamic work environment
  • The chance to see your vision made reality

Open Call for Applications

Students For Liberty is growing in both size and scope around the world to levels we never thought possible. This is an incredibly exciting time, but presents us with a challenge. We have come this far due to the talent and dedication of our leaders. But in order to continue that growth we need more: more people and more talent to build the liberty movement; and we are preparing to offer more: more opportunities, more responsibility, and more rewards.

To that end, SFL is releasing an open-ended job posting: for talented and motivated individuals who want to make a difference, people who have a unique skill they want to leverage, who are frustrated because they cannot reach their potential in their current jobs, who take pride in their work, who can put in 80+ hour weeks when needed and have a passion for liberty so deep it keeps them up late into the night.

This call for applications is across the board without regard for age or experience, location of residence (either in the US or abroad), area of specialization, prior skills, desired salary, or anything else. We are not calling for people to fill a particular job at SFL. We are calling for people to tell us what you can offer to make SFL even better.

If you have the right skills, attitude, and determination, SFL can craft a position for you. We have needs in all our existing areas ranging from events to activism to fundraising and for people who can create value in new ways. If you have an idea for a project of your own that you would like to start that will help build the liberty movement, SFL can put you in a position to do so.

If you are up to the challenge and want a job at Students For Liberty, email your resume to along with a cover letter describing what you want your job to be and how you would create value for the organization.
Note: Due to limited time, we cannot respond to all applications.


We currently do not have any internships available. Please check back soon for upcoming opportunities! 



SFL is not a top down, chapter based, or membership organization. Instead SFL functions as a network of pro-liberty students from a wide diversity of locations and backgrounds.

We work with a variety of student organizations across the many ideological positions within the philosophy of liberty. These include Young Americans for Liberty chapters, Students For Liberty groups, College Libertarians, free speech clubs, small “l” libertarian associations, economics clubs, Objectivist societies, Austrian Economics reading groups, Students for Individual Liberty groups, and any other group that supports an idea or cause of liberty.